About Me

It all started in Sacramento · California, where Sunny Days and Lackadaisical Palm's, scattered through the Central Valley: consciously inspiring a feeling of ubiquitous, everlasting harmony, a "nor-cal vibe" to the way things, just · were... as they seemed they should be...


Immigrated from the Gaza Strip, just an 8-month old, first born son, named after his dad's, dad; this Christian infant refugee; who's mom's, dad won't ever let him forget: the moment he nearly refused to hand me through that taxi cab window; unwilling to let go, but doing so knowing, what would surely be, that infants only chance for a better, safer, and more innocent life overseas in America.

Their plan worked, I grew up with freedom and the American Dream, so different than anything I would have grown up experiencing in the still Occupied Territory of the Gaza Strip.